Volume 4 Issue 1

Jeffco Admin Grows by More Than 10%

We all want more money to go into our classrooms. The school board is continuously bemoaning a lack of adequate resources. They are proud of the low overhead in Jeffco Schools. But a quick look at the data paints a far different picture. According to district data, Jeffco enrollment in district-run schools has been relatively flat since 2013.

Despite this trend, the number of Jeffco administrators has increased over the same timeframe by more than 10 percent. At the end of 2013, 523 staff members were classified as administrators. At the end of 2016, just three years later the number of administrators, including deans, had risen to 602, a 15 percent increase.

Over the same timeframe the number of teachers declined from 4,401 to 4,316. The number of teacher librarians has also decreased from 118 to 111.

If every administrator’s salary and benefits adds about $100,000 to our expenses that is nearly $8 million in additional administrative overhead, more than enough to give every teacher a 1 percent salary increase.

How is growing administration helping improve achievement?