Volume 3 Issue 2

Will the Teachers' Union Strike?

     This past spring the Jefferson County Education Association (JCEA), or teachers union, sent out an action alert discussing preparations for a possible strike. The one-page flier went to all Jeffco union members with answers to frequently asked questions about a strike. The flier included advice about preparations, including, “many members have already started setting some money aside in a ‘rainy day’ fund.” In addition, the fact sheet told teachers they would NOT get paid while on strike. 
     The last teachers’ strike in Colorado occurred in Denver Public Schools in the fall of 1994. Teachers went on strike for five days.
     High Timber Times covered the story of the JCEA strike flier with a suggestion that parents might want to put money away over the summer so they are prepared in the event that not enough teachers were in classrooms and schools needed to close.