Volume 3 Issue 1

Ask the Moms

How to Get More Textbooks

I wanted to check out a math book to help my son with his homework; his teacher said there are not enough books I find it really difficult to use the online version.  What should I do next?

If you are having a hard time getting books to take home to help your child with homework we have four recommendations for you. 

First, have another conversation with the teacher and let her know you really want the book. You may have caught her at an inopportune time when you asked before. Kindly tell her if there really is a lack of books then you will take this to the principal as parents must be able to have the resources to help their children.

Second, for your conversation with the principal—again reiterate that you are looking for resources to help your child with his homework and ask if there is a book at the school or maybe one at the district level that you could borrow.

Third, if those conversations don’t result in getting the resources you need, attend the next accountability committee meeting at your school. This committee is responsible for assisting with the allocation of resources and is the perfect place to get other parents to help ensure there are enough resources to help your child.

Although the school should have enough resources to purchase books for parents to check out so they can help their children, you can work with your PTA or PTO to help raise the funds and acquire the books needed.

If you still have no luck, you might want to call the publisher; often they will send you a sample of the textbook. 

Finally, you can keep moving up the chain and ask the principal’s boss—the achievement director, who also has a boss, who has a boss, who reports to a board of education. If all else fails, contact your local board of education representative.