Volume 2 Issue 1

Jeffco Superintendent Left in February 2014

Dr. Cindy Stevenson, the superintendent of Jefferson County R1 School District, announced on Saturday, February 8, ahead of a scheduled budget meeting, that she would be leaving Jeffco before the end of the month.

Stevenson then confirmed that her last day would be February 21.

At the start of the budget study session, she announced that she asked the board to be let out of her contract early, and they agreed.

The meeting grew contentious when supporters of Dr. Stevenson began shouting at the board. Security requested that the meeting be adjourned for the safety of all. The union had sent out a memo to their membership requesting all members attend the meeting, wearing black shirts and be prepared to disrupt and protest. Several dozen union supporters showed up and disrupted the meeting.

Shortly after the last school board elections in November, Dr. Stevenson announced that she would retire at the end of the current school year on June 30. According to recent press releases, Dr. Stevenson has accepted a position with the Colorado Association of School Executives (CASE) to head up a new leadership initiative.

The board transition plan will have the CFO, COO, CAO and CSEO report to the Board of Education as the selection process for a new superintendent proceeds. Board President Ken Witt says they expect a new superintendent will be in place by the end of May.

The Jeffco superintendent oversees the education of 85,508 students, a nearly one billion dollar budget, and approximately 12,000 employees.