Volume 1 Issue 1

Admin Grows While Enrollment Declines

The central office administrative ranks of Jeffco Public Schools grew this summer. School board leaders brought many district principals into headquarters and created two new levels of bureaucracy into which our school principals now must report. In addition, many administrators received raises before the new school year started. Meanwhile, class sizes grow, and teacher salaries stay frozen.

The first new level of administrators is a chief school effectiveness officer (CSEO), who reports directly to the superintendent. Below are 15 achievement directors who report to the CSEO. Each school principal now reports to one of the achievement directors. Neither layer of administration existed last year. The cost of these new administrators? Nearly $2 million that could be spent in Jeffco classrooms.

At nearly the same time, a number of Jeffco administrators received raises of about 3 percent. With the passage of 3A and 3B, salaries for all staff were raised to where they had been, and work days were restored. Citizens were told coming out of the union negotiations “there was no money for raises.” Yet funds appeared from somewhere to raise administrator salaries.

New teachers in Jeffco still make significantly less than their peers in surrounding districts, and our best teachers did not receive any raises. Substitute teachers still earn the reduced hourly rate that was approved to help get the district through tighter budget times. The rest of the Jeffco support staff did not get raises, either. Even so, many administrators making over $100,000 a year received pay hikes.

Enrollment in Jeffco has declined year after year, while central office bureaucracy has grown both in numbers and in expense. Let’s streamline administration and focus dollars on our classrooms instead.